Cinders & Rime (Ila Quinn)

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Asira is a fun-loving and seemingly “normal” teenage girl, living with her Dad in England. But she has a deep, dark secret that she hates keeping from her friends. She is a powerful sorceress in the beautiful and magical parallel world of Velosia.

Asira’s father Kai fled the war-torn land of Velosia in order to keep his baby daughter safe, but as she grows up, Asira seeks adventure and to learn more about Velosia and her family history. When Kai is offered the position as Council Ambassador of Velosia, Asira gets to divide her time between both worlds. One an exotic and sometimes terrifying land that has been ravaged by a war for decades, where nations were conquered by brutal neighbours, and blood has been spilled across the map. A land filled with suspicion, prejudice and distrust and the other world where she is a normal every day girl with close friend Amy and a crush on the handsome Jack who has also grown to like her a lot.

While in Velosia, Asira enrolls in the prestigious newly established Velosian Academy, where the ambitious teenager learns about magic and spellcasting and native humanoid species like vampires, werewolves, and mermaids. In a blink of an eye, her perfect world is shattered, as her life and the fate of Velosia are put in immediate danger, when Asira and her loyal companions discover that history has a strange way of repeating itself.

Cinders and Rime is the first book in the captivating ‘Eternal’ YA Fantasy series for teens and adults. Join Asira and her friends in an enchanting adventure that will immerse you in an unforgettable world of powerful magic, engaging characters and fantastic creatures. Leave behind the ordinary comforts of your life and delve deep into the magical world of Velosia, where the strange is the regular every day.


About the Author

Ila Quinn was born in Dublin and now lives in Wexford with her family and beloved corgi. She has a love for rich cultures and chose to study history and web design in college. Ila is an avid reader of YA fiction, fantasy and romance and is an admirer of all types of literature and adaptations from novels to manga's - both have distinctive art-styles with well-designed and interesting characters and allow for a variety of important and relevant worldly topics from love, war, history and social constructs. Fiction is central for development, growth and imagination, while fantasy only enhances our creative thinking. Ila has a vivid imagination and this is evident in her writing. Her adoration for writing began with fan fiction and grew immensely until she decided to take the next step by composing and publishing her debut novel.