Criminality in the Irish Courts and the absence of the rule of law

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This Report has been produced for the purposes of demonstrating to ‘all interested parties’ the shocking levels of endemic criminality and corruption ongoing within the Irish justice system. Over a period of several years, the Integrity Ireland Association has compiled a detailed database of sworn complaints by residents of the Irish State containing incontestable evidence and proofs of deliberate, systemic, State-sponsored criminality and corruption by a broad range of Irish officials and office holders in explicit, repeat violation of Common Law and of the Irish Constitution; in breach of European Community Law; in contravention of the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union (CFREU); and in open violation of internationally-recognized and agreed protocols and principles that relate to the individual’s fundamental right to access justice.

In particular, the Irish State appears determined NOT to allow any otherwise-legitimate cases to progress outside of the domestic jurisdiction to the European Courts, and is achieving this illicit objective through the deliberate criminal misuse and abuse of due process; through systemic obstructionism / concealing of information / refusing to engage / ‘stonewalling’ and documentary frauds; and is thereby denying effective access to justice. In doing so, the Irish State is not only making a nonsense and a farce of the Irish Constitution and the CFREU, but is jeopardising its membership of the European Union inasmuch as it is no longer in compliance with the Copenhagen Protocols which require that each current or prospective EU member State has, “a properly-functioning justice system” that respects, and aligns with the requirements of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union (TFEU).

In absolute frustration at the sheer depth and breadth of the corruption, cronyism and criminality being foisted on the Irish public with brass-necked impunity by a hierarchy of hypocrites; a cabal of connected insiders, schemers, fraudsters and grovelling lackeys; by legal tricksters, pompous and deceitful who, in their wretched scramble for 'worldly success’ have abandoned all but the hollow pretence of morality, and who have cravenly prostituted themselves, most royally, for their own personal slice of the poisonous, State-sponsored pie; where ‘anything goes’ as long as there is profit and reward in it despite the damage and distress being caused to trusting, innocent others; and in light of the now-indisputable fact that the whole ridiculous ‘truth and justice’ carnival in Ireland is no more than an elaborate scam and a pretence – a sordid insider’s joke – whereby career liars and moral deviants hijack the mechanisms of justice, the levers of political power and the apparatus of the State so as to serve an overarching, repugnant agenda; to foster and protect an extraordinarily corrupt status quo whilst suppressing the truth and controlling the narrative so as to continue to mislead and deceive all objective observers.

Given that all efforts to secure remedies via the criminal justice system have now been exhausted, this Report is being published in alignment with the reporting obligations of the Criminal Justice Act 2011 which requires citizens to report offences, “..where there is prima facie evidence of the commission of a relevant offence”. Whilst general reference is made to many historical or ongoing cases, for practical reasons, the contents of this Report refer to only one such extended case - albeit encompassing many of the criminal violations that are common to all.   

This publication is referenced in the founding documents of The Peoples' Tribunal of Ireland.