To the limits of endurance: One Irishmans War

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In the 1930s, Jack Harte, like so many boys in the rough-and-tumble environment of inner-city Dublin, dreamt of adventure and overseas locations, as featured in the comic books and movies of the day. Unlike most people, though, he was to make a bolt for those distant worlds and daring adventures. After a first failed attempt to run away to join the British army, his second attempt succeeded, with him stowing away on the mailboat to Britain. Lying about his age, he was accepted into the army and, following his initial training, was posted to the strategically important island of Malta. The initial pleasures of the Mediterranean island and its beaches and 'entertainment' areas gave way to the reality of unprecedentedly heavy air raids. Harte would later be transferred to Palestine, where he and his comrades were involved in several clandestine raids. Such activities ultimately saw Harte being selected for the elite Special Boat Service. Harte was captured, and many of the book's most amusing and occasionally disturbing episodes cover the time he was a prisoner of war in a German POW camp. Part coming of age memoir and part war story, Harte's remarkable and often funny tale serves to remind us of the important role played by Irish men and women in the Second World War.