Irish Volunteers in the Second World War (Richard Doherty)

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This is a companion volume to Doherty's 'Irish Men and Women in the Second World War' and shows the same depth of research and quality of writing. It is virtually volume II of the previous book and provides a mass of illuminating information on both Irish men and women in the greatest war in history. The author does not fight shy of discussing those Irish who served the Nazi cause, including the infamous Edward Joyce, better known as Lord Haw Haw, in a chapter entitled Hitler's Irish Allies. In all, this is a well-rounded book that will be a pleasing addition to anyone's bookshelves, not least those with an interest in the Irish (especially the 'neutral' Irish) contribution to the war. There are also fascinating chapters on the Irish in armoured formations and units and, news to me, the very significant Irish contribution to the Royal Regiment of Artillery, as well as the civilian war effort.