Round up the usual suspects: The Cosgrave coalition and Nicky Kelly

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Okay, lads, where's the money? The first raider onto the train carried a gun in one hand and a hammer in the other. "Don't worry, lads, it's not your money, it's Conor Cruise's."
This book starts with a dramatic train robbery in Kildare and ends with the release of Nicky Kelly six years after he was convicted of taking part in the robbery.
ROUND UP THE USUAL SUSPECTS is an intimate examination of the Nicky Kelly case. It also provides a panoramic view of the 1970s and the controversial reign of the Cosgrave Coalition. It moves from the shady world of paramilitary "fundraising" to the Cabinet table; from top-level garda meetings to dawn raids and midnight interrogations. The story of Nicky Kelly is the story -î never told before -î of a government, a judiciary and a police force in crisis.