Celtic and Early Christian Wexford AD 400 to 1166 (Edward Culleton)

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"Between the fifth and twelfth centuries Ireland experienced massive social, economic, political and religious change. How and why did this transition occur and what were its consequences? In this study, the author provides the answers to these questions for County Wexford, which he sets against the broader backdrop of Irish political and ecclesiastical history. Traces of the Celts are explored, including hillforts, Lughnasa sites, the druids and their beliefs and the druidic centre at Carnsore Point. The origins of Christianity and the lives of the early saints are examined. The nature, practices, and demands of the new religion are discussed. This account is set within the rise to power of the Uí Cheinnselaig dynasty and their internecine struggles for the kingship and for control of the richly-endowed monasteries of Ferns"--From publisher's description.