The New One: Reality, Beauty and the Sacred (Dr Sean O' Nuallain Ph.D. & Naig Thome)

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"The new ONE: Reality, beauty and the sacred   is the second book in the series Follow the Sun by Dr Seán O'Nuallain and is a fundamental breakthrough  of the dialogue between the sciences and the Arts . The author believes that we as humans need nothing less than a new experience of the sacred, based on the commonality of how these different modes of human thought and action approach an encompassing reality. Everything proposed is completely consistent with cutting-edge modern science. The central ideas are simplicity itself. Science is primarily a means of knowing reality through the intellect, and the arts know reality primarily through the sensibility – emotions and sensations. Both have within them the possibility of the sacramental. The analysis  of institutional science is advanced further and dialogue is established with the Arts and with religious thinkers
This book examines the critical next step we must take as a society. In keeping with its assertion of the importance of the arts and society it includes some beautiful original paintings by Naïg Thomé..   The science we find most meaningful may not be the most precise; the arts we find most pleasurable may not be the most beautiful. In meditation, we have brief moments of presence before the mind wanders again. This book, with its beautiful paintings, invites you to consider your experience as the possibility of the Absolute recognising itself through you. Here is a possibility for a new Sacred, a new set of practices that link us to Reality, this time in the absence of the dogma and censorship now re-establishing themselves in society – ironically in the name of science. The new One  .
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Seán Ó Nualláin holds an M.Sc. in Psychology from University College, Dublin (UCD) Ireland & a Ph.D. in Computer Science from Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland. He has been a visiting scholar at Stanford in philosophy and neuroscience and a member of the Stanford faculty with two courses he developed and taught for credit there through the symbolic systems program: Neuroscience and experience and Biosemiotics. At UC Berkeley he has ben a visiting scholar in computer science at ICSI and molecular and cell biology (both cell and developmental with Dick Strohman and neuroscience with Walter Freeman III). He has also been a visiting research scientist in AI for 3 years at the national research council, Ottawa, Canada. He is the author of a book on the foundations of Cognitive Science: “The Search for Mind” (Ablex, 1995; 2nd ed Intellect, 2002; Third edition Intellect, 2003) and editor of “Two Sciences of Mind” (Benjamins, 1997); editor of “Spatial Cognition”; co-editor of “Language, Vision, and Music” (Benjamins, 2002) and author of “Ireland: a colony once again” (CSP, 2012) and “One magisterium” (CSP, 2014) acclaimed as a masterpiece in a review by Stuart Kauffman. His “Being Human: the Search for Order” was launched at Stanford bookstore in May, 2004. After developing the first ever program in computational linguistics in Ireland, Sean worked as a professional folk and jazz musician. Sean is the author and editor of over 20 other monographs and edited collections including most seven volumes of proceedings from 2014 to 2019 with his group called Foundations of Mind. These are the most viewed and downloaded papers in the history of cognitive science; on average at least one will be downloaded in the time you take to read this short bio. Foundations of Mind is the first independent research group to be accredited to teach at graduate level; moreover, undergraduate courses are offered through In 2020 Red books published his and David Bernal’s “Follow the sun” which describes how they solved the epediomology of RNA viruses. 
 Naïg Thomé was born Caen, Normandy of Breton parents. She holds a Master's (with distinction) from the Sorbonne in literature and is the author of "Le mythe d'Eurydice" (2017). She has won awards as a classical oboist in both Germany and France and has exhibited internationally as a visual artist. Since 2007, she has worked full-time in the organic food sector in France as a farm-hand, entrepreneur and farm owner.