The Unofficial Jeremy Corbyn Annual 2019

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The success of Christmas 2017's Unofficial Jeremy Corbyn Annual 2018 proved two things: that the annual is a great format ripe for spoofing, and that future Prime Minister or not, Jeremy Corbyn will always have a huge and dedicated cult following. 

This follow-up annual, all-new for 2019, is even more Corbyn-er, with more beards, more jam and more sensational soaraway socialist games, tips and puzzles. 

Features include: 

- 'Possessed by Love' photo story
- 'Jereny Corbyn and the Red Planet' story
- Jeremy's 'Agit-Pop' Balloon Game
- Left-wing beard-grooming tips
- Jezza's Celestial Party Snacks recipes

plus more masks, more quizzes, more Christmas stories and more highly kissable posters for your bedroom wall.