Highlights: An Illustrated History of Cannabis

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We know there are many books out on the subject of cannabis — either friend or foe — but our book is the first that presents an unbiased account of the cannabis history in all its forms from recreational to medicinal to industrial with dozens of full-color illustrations, rare paintings, vintage and contemporary photographs.

There's art by R. Crumb, the Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers, Arthur Rackham, Aubrey Beardsley and more. There's even rare pulp fiction covers with names like Reefer Girl, Reefer Boy, and Musk Hashish and Blood. There's also 15,000 words of text to take you through cannabis' 10,000 year journey. At about a word and half per year, it's a brisk stroll through the ages.

We've created a book that has great flipability. Open it anywhere, there's a fun quote to read, an interesting fact or two, and great, sometimes hilarious, visuals. The Marx Brothers are here for heaven's sake. We think the book will appeal to boomers, teenagers, parents, who want to discuss the subject with their kids, and anyone interested in history, art, photography, humor and, of course, cannabis.

It is not surprising that putting a book together about such a controversial subject, not to mention illegal, would create many highs and lows that sometimes had all the drama of a suspense novel. There were late-night calls, lots of "don't call us, we'll call you" messages, people with pseudonyms. Every possible mode of communication short of express pony was used to track down and gather up the best possible visuals and information contained in this book including calls to a remote temple in Japan. Eventually the material started to arrive, including a valentine card from R. Crumb in the south of France. The journey has been long, sometimes hard, but always fruitful, not unlike the history of the cannabis plant. We hope everyone will enjoy the book as much as we have putting it together.