A Deep Deceit (Hilary Bonner)

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'A very classy crime yarn' Manchester Evening News Although to all appearances Suzanne and Carl Peters live an idyllic life in pretty St Ives, beneath the veneer of domestic bliss lurks a dark secret which threatens to destroy everything they hold dear. For the last seven years they have lived a lie, lived in fear that the violence of the past will catch up with them, and now it seems that their worst nightmares are coming true. Suzanne was a damaged child, and she has grown into a damaged woman. For seven years Carl has protected her from her terrors, sheltered her from the world for which she seems ill-equipped, but when a series of poison pen letters disturb long-buried ghosts, Suzanne and Carl's carefully guarded world explodes with shocking consequences .Engrossing, chilling and utterly compelling, A Deep Deceit is a tour de force of sexual intrigue and obsessive love with a startling sting in its tail.