A Little Bit of Magic: Stories by Children of Wexford in Lockdown

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This anthology of writing comes from the children of County Wexford, chronicling their experiences during Covid 19 and the first lockdown.  Containing the works of over fifty children aged between 5 and 16, this book showcases the amazing young talent in the county and also provides an epic account of social history during this great pandemic.


"....So March 2020 came and our Wexford, our Ireland, our world in the seven billion odd ways we understood it, turned upside down. Remember those initial days friends, as the magnitude began to hit home. The realisation that this wasn’t going to just peter out… This Covid 19 invasion was real and we had no choice but to go into hiding to escape its wrath. Our heads were all spinning as we tried to make sense of something straight from an off the wall movie/ short story! (Spot the lead in?)

So as a business woman and a lone mother of three was like everyone got from multiple angles! Business is business but I was watching my kids pivot between ‘wow this is so cool - no school woohoo’ to ‘I miss my friends’ ‘I really want to see and hug Auntie Niamh’ and ‘I’m bored!’. I guessed a lot of kids were doing a similar pivot. Hence the Great Wexford Short Story Contest was born!

I rang my old friend Wally O’Neill of the legendary Red Books in Wexford Town and I had my partner… just like that! Wally organised some lovely volunteers to judge our weekly contest and from the acorn of adversity and tragedy a positive thing was born - a literary outlet for the kids of Wexford… perhaps when they needed it most....."

- Aedin Hassett


"......'A little magic can take you a long way.’ Amid the Covid-19 pandemic and a lockdown that dramatically reduced important social and physical contact, there was probably never as much of a need for a little magic in all of our lives and still today.
Where better to find this magic than in the minds of our children? As a primary school teacher and a father of three, I know very well that children have some of the greatest imaginations with no boundaries and limitless possibilities. They make sense of the world around them and absorb information and ideas like sponges. Neither have their minds and thoughts been radically impacted by any of the prejudices and constraints of society. They see the world differently and in my experience are often the first to recognise injustices and unfairness that adult societies have created. Children have the most fantastic ability to think simplistically, fairly, freely, creatively and magically...."

- Cllr Tom Forde