Alexander the Great: Man, Myth or Monster?

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He wandered over earth and oceans, experiencing great suffering, but his bravery triumphed, and his many daring exploits were beyond compare.

At only twenty years of age and armed with a huge following, Alexander began a voyage that would carve a path for the exploration of lands greater than anyone had ever known. But his victories in the vast Persian Empire, and even the farthest reaches of India were also marred by loss and treachery on both sides. To some, Alexander was the devil... to others a modern leader... but to many, he was also the greatest of adventurers.

Jamila Gavin's retelling of the life, battles and imaginings of Alexander the Great, are beautifully interwoven amid Greek myths and legends. With bold illustration by David Parkins, as well as maps, chronology and a concise index; the epic story of Alexander the Great has been masterfully re-imagined for a new generation