An ideal crime/ A question of principle (Jeffrey Ashford)

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Returning home from his brother-in-law's, Terence Elham, a successful London attorney, hits a man who runs across the road. Realizing that he's drunk and would be disbarred if convicted of reckless driving, Elham leaves the scene of the crime. Unfortunately, the hit-and-run accident becomes murder when the man dies. The police know Elham is guilty, but must rely on Elham's brother-in-law, Dennis Rickmore, for the damning evidence. Rickmore, a budding leftwing writer, is torn between his loyalty to Elham, whom he doesn't like very much, and his convictions. The knotty problem is compounded by the fact that the accident victim turns out to be a rapist. Ashford's skillful writing saves this mystery from becoming merely an academic exercise. The characters are multi-dimensional, although there's little suspense as to Rickmore's decision.