Collection of the Night Poems (Dean Ray Bolger)

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‘...Hideous laughter hits the streets with empty
eyes, an acquired taste for the unusual, poisoned
by the small talk of bourgeois bitches and designer

‘...Oh, just to be free with the night,
to kiss the moon and dream beneath the stars,
‘cause we’re all just dream dust bursting through
the universe like shooting flames, leaving tattoos of
hope across foreheads of the damned, leaving noth-
ing but happiness and goose bumps of forever.’

Come join Dean Ray Bolger in a new and
different world.

Publishers still use the printing press.

The typewriters click-clack-cluck the
night away in a flurry of boho bebop beat,
digging ink into paper, sculpting timeless
poetry, you gotta dig.

This is his first collection.

It won’t be his last.

You saw it here first.



Dean Ray Bolger is a young poet and spoken word artist from Bridgetown in County Wexford.  This is his first collection in print and marks the start of an exciting new career.