Courage and Conflict: Forgotten Stories of the Irish at War (Ian Kenneally)

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The Irish people have had a long history of emigration and it is no surprise that those emigrants have found themselves involved in wars throughout the world. For many, a career as a soldier was the last hope for a better life and the great armies have always been a home to those on the bottom rungs of society. This book tells some of those stories. Courage and Conflict is based around extraordinary people and events, revolutionaries, inventors, soldiers, sailors and mutineers. Some of these histories are more famous than others, many have been forgotten and some are being told for the first time. This thrilling book tells the story of John Barry, the father of the United States Navy, the brutal tale of the San Patricios, deserters from the US Army who fought for Mexico, the forgotten history of the Irish Battalion of the Papal Army in Italy and the epic history of Irish involvement in the American Civil War, for both the North and the South. Also included within its pages is the story of the Irish soldiers of the Seventh Cavalry at the Battle of the Little Bighorn, the tale of the Connaught Rangers Mutiny in India, the story of John Philip Holland and the development of the modern submarine as well the incredible exploits of the British army officer John Henry Patterson in what is modern day Kenya. Courage and Conflict is also the first book to tell the complete story of Dublin s Bloody Sunday. The book is an exciting and eclectic mix that provides a glimpse of the triumphs and the tragedies of the Irish at war.