Delalicious: A Full Plate For A Full Life (Sinead Delahunty)

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Sinéad Delahunty has learned many life lessons on the football field. Most importantly, she has mastered how to fuel her body healthily. Now, she shares recipes that are bursting with flavour and nutritional value to keep you ready for whatever life may throw at you. · 90+ colourful recipes, using wholesome ingredients, which are achievable for everyone · Mouth-watering inspiration for every meal, from breakfast, lunch and dinner to decadent (yet nourishing!) desserts · Clear visual guides to help you fill your plate with balanced food depending on your activity level · Ideas for leftovers, plus down-to-earth guidance on food storage, everyday food prep, the art of batch cooking and last-minute meal fixes Juggling a full-time job as a physiotherapist with a Gaelic football career and a food blog, Sinéad understands the pitfalls of being under time pressure. Her easy, delicious recipes embrace natural ingredients and will inspire you to eat better for boundless energy. So get cooking!