Escape from the Anthill (Hubert Butler)

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‘Opening Hubert Butler’s book of essays is like discovering gold. He has all the essayists’s gifts: a clear, strong prose, a fascination with everyday affairs and their significance sub specie aeternitatis, a readiness to generalize, the ability to digress without wondering from the point, to inform without pedantry and enlighten without condescension, to give us pleasure simply by sharing his thoughts. I have touched only on the provocative riches contained in this excellent book. It will be treasured by those who possess it.’ – Hugh Bredin, Fortnight

‘I soon realized I had stumbled on an Irish talent of European stature.’ – Chris Agee, The Linen Hall Review

‘Opening the contents page, one has an impression of disparateness; closing the book, of having discovered an ouvre … Butler has the Anglo-Irish antennae for place; his unadorned style expresses atmosphere with extraordinary clarity.’ – Roy Foster, The Times Literary Supplement

‘This is not a book to borrow. It is a book to keep. It is not only intelligent, urbane and scholarly. It is most entertaining.’ – Liam Robinson, New Hibernia

‘Hubert Butler’s great figt is his ability to comprehend the workings of the mind of Catholic Ireland.’ – Ulick O’Connor, Sunday Independent