From the closet to the screen: Women at the Gateways Club 1945-85

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"The Gateways Club, at the heart of 1960s Swinging London, was one of the few places where lesbian women could meet openly. This book tells its story, from its rise in the 1950s to its closure in 1985, as a secret world of escapeùnew clientele often found the club only by following likely members to its anonymous exterior on the Kings Road, Chelsea. Celebrities, straight and gay alike, from Diana Dors to Dusty Springfield, relished its bohemian atmosphere, and the club reached a wider audience when it was featured as a backdrop in the 1968 film The Killing of Sister George. Included are interviews with 80 of its members, famous and not so famous. Their accountsùhumorous, tragic, and eroticùreveal how life has changed during the half century since the Gateways began."