Galway: History and Society

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The ninth volume in the Irish County History Series. This is the most comprehensive interdisciplinary study ever undertaken on Galway. Archaeologists, medievalists, Celtic scholars, geographers, and historians of economics, culture and politics combine to provide an attractive account of this key region.

Twenty-four original essays by distinguished scholars place Galway in its local, national and European contexts.

Gerard Moran teaches in the European College, Oxford.
Raymond Gillespie is lecturer in history, St. Patrick’s College, Maynooth, County Kildare

All interested in getting to know Ireland through its regions. Galway people at home and abroad. Suitable for both the academic and general reader.

228 x 152 mm, c.900 pp, over 50 illustrations


  • The Personality of Galway
  • The Topography of Medieval and Early Modern Galway City
  • From Warlords to Landlords: Political and Social Change in Galway 1540-1640
  • Religion and the Laity in Early Modern Galway
  • Renaissance Galway
  • The Transfer of Power: Galway 1642-1703
  • The Politics of Protestant ascendency: County Galway 1650-1832
  • The Worlds of a Galway Squire: Robert French of Monivea, 1716-79
  • Landlords and Land Usage in Eighteenth Century Galway
  • The Galway Tribes as Landowners and Gentry
  • The Response of the Poor Law to the Great Famine in County Galway
  • The Encumbered Estates Court and Galway Property 1849-58
  • Bishop John MacEvilly and the Catholic Church in Late Nineteenth Century Galway
  • Minor Famines and Relief in Galway, 1815-1925
  • From Connacht to North America: State Aided Emigration from County Galway in the 1880s
  • Trade Unionism in County Galway, 1898-1914
  • The Western Outpost: Local Government and Woman’s Suffrage in County Galway, 1898-1918
  • Farmers Against Nationalists: The Rise and Fall of Clann na Talmhan in Galway
  • Scríobhaithe Lámhscribhínni Gaeilge I nGallimh
  • The Galway Gaeltacht, 1926-81: a Sociolinguistic Study of Continuity and Change
  • Trends in Population and Settlement in County Galway, 1971-91
  • Fear Ceoil Ghlinsce: Colm ó Caodháin
  • The Road, the House, and the Grave: a Poetics of Galway space, 1900-1970
  • Local History and a Select Bibliography of Galway
  • Early ecclesiastical settlement names of county Galway