Ireland and the French Revolution

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The French Revolution and Europe 1789-1799 / Hugh Gough --
The French Revolution and the Irish regiments in France / Sam Scott --
The Irish clergy of the diocese of Bordeaux during the Revolution / Phillipe Loupès --
Francophobia in later eighteenth-century Irish history / Gerard O'Brien --
Irish Catholics and the French Revolution / Eamon O'Flaherty --
Symbols and rituals of United Irish mobilisation / Nancy J. Curtin --
The place of Thomas Russell in the United Irish movement / C.J. Woods --
Popular politicisation, defenderism and the Catholic question / Jim Smyth --
The political structures of the Defenders / L.M. Cullen --
Popular ballads, revolutionary rhetoric and politicisation / Tom Dunne --
Politicisation in County Wexford and the origins of the 1798 rebellion / Kevin Whelan. Indiscipline and disaffection in the French and Irish armies during the revolutionary period / Thomas Bartlett --
The role of Ireland in French war strategy, 1796-1798 / Marianne Elliott --
Forgotten soldiers : the expedition of General Humbert to Ireland in 1798 / Jean-Paul Bertaud --
French Revolution ... Anglo-Irish literature ... beginnings? : the case of Maria Edgeworth / W.J. McCormack.