Lads' Love (S.R. Crockett)

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1st edition published in 1897.

The fictional Alec MacQuhirr tells his own love story which is both cheeky and charming by turn. Crockett's ironic humour is evident throughout as we discover what goes on at the 'back end of the byre.'

Rarely has the author drawn more truly from life than in the cases of Nance and the Hempie... never more typical Scotsman than Peter Chrystie their father. When all is said and done, the tale is full of the kind of charm which Mr Crockett's admirers expect.

In the preface Crockett determines that: To write that which is in one's heart at the moment is the only rule. 'Lad's Love' is the story of the 'back end of the byre, ' told with humour and candour by Alec MacQuhirr. The irony is central to the 'idyll in this story which features a panoply of familiar fictionalised Gallovidian places and people. who had become firm favourites with many readers.