Lady: My Life as a Bitch (Melvin Burgess)

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Sandra is seventeen and is out of control. She has ditched her more stable, hard working friends including her boyfriend and is having casual sex with multiple partners (hence the parental advisory sticker on the front). She’s distancing herself from her family and is still recovering from her dad moving to America and leaving her behind.

One night she is out with a guy when she stumbles into a tramp. He takes a shine to her and when she runs from him, he chases her. Suddenly her whole world is different as she has been changed into a dog. Soon it emerges that this is not the first time the tramp has changed someone into a dog and it happens whenever he gets angry. She meets other humans-turned-dogs who keep trying to get her to forget her humanity and embrace her inner dog. She begins to lose herself until she sees missing posters with her picture on them and decides to go back and visit her family. From there she has a choice to make, will she stay with them or give in to her more animal instincts.