Lucys Law: The Story of a little dog who changed the world

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'The campaign for Lucy's Law has been smashing' PAUL O'GRADY

The true story of one little dog who helped bring an end to puppy farming in the UK.

Lucy, a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, was born into a Welsh puppy farm in 2008. She was repeatedly bred to produce litters of cute puppies, who were taken from her shortly after birth to be sold online and transported many miles across the UK. Life on a puppy farm is grim, and the dogs aren't vaccinated, loved or looked after.

Rescued in 2013, Lucy's life turned around when she was chosen for adoption and rehabilitated by Lisa Garner, dog-lover extraordinaire. Lisa had shared her life with many dogs beforehand, but she recognised something extra special about little Lucy, and so their unique journey together began which would eventually change the world...