My Father: A Hurling Revolutionary - The Life and Times of Ned Power

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It’s the story of All-Ireland-winning hurling goalkeeper Ned Power written from the very personal perspective of his son.

It is a humorous and often emotionally charged account of the life of an ordinary man who shared his gifts with as many people as possible – not least of which was the gift of living his life to the full.

Ned Power’s passion for life and for hurling left a legacy that has lasted generations and it will continue to last for generations to come, not only in his home of Tallow but in Ireland as a whole.

He was a teacher, a father, a brother, a son, a husband, a golfer, a comedian and last but not least, a hurling revolutionary.

‘If you were to pick out people whose names transcended the hurling field and inspired people, Ned Power would be one of them.’ (Seán Kelly MEP, former president of the GAA)