Nearer the Moon: The Unexpurgated Diary of Anais Nin 1937-1939

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Anais Nin's diaries revealed her private self, her doubts and weaknesss and the uncensored details about her relationships. This fourth volume of A Journal of Love follows Henry and June, Incest and Fire to cover the years 1937-39. It continues the story of what Nin called her 'dismemberment by love.' She remains torn between three men: Henry Miller, whose detached self-immersion and artistic amorality both attract and repel her; Gonzalo More, a sensitive and attentive but jealous lover who drives her to distraction; and Hugh Guiler, her faithful husband. The theme of these diaries is maturity: Nin has acquired the wisdom to see through Henry and Gonzalo, while her relationship with her husband is clarified. She cannot love him physically but she needs him as an anchor. Nearer the Moon is also the volume in which Nin settles with her father, Joaquin Nin. The diary ends with Nin's departure from France as war looms. She has no idea that she will never live in France again and that this is the last diary to be written there. - Preface by Rupert Pole, Nin's 'other husband' - First UK & Commonwealth edition - Only edition currently available - Essential reading for devotees of Nin's diaries