Oidhreacht Oirghiall (Peter Smith)

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Oidhreacht Oirghiall is an essential resource for the study of Gaelic civilization in the south-east Ulster/North Leinster region. Oriel was the centre of an astonishing flowering of poetry and scribal activity in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, and in our own century a significant amount of oral literature was collected from the last native speakers of the area.

Peter Smith has drawn from a wide variety of sources to compile this bibliography, which focuses on the historic Oriel, but also draws on material from surrounding counties. Because it was not possible in a work of this scope to exhaust all the potential sources, the vast body of printed material identified in this book relates mainly to the early modern and modern period, from the sixteenth century to the present day.

The specialist in literature, history and social history will find Oidhreacht Oirghiall indispensible, but even a glance through it’s pages will convey to the casual reader a sense of the richness of the Irish-language heritage of the region.