One Mortal Night: A Miscarriage of Justice

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ONE MORTAL NIGHT, a miscarriage of Justice by Patrick Kelleher is a wonderfully written account of a sensational killing which took place in Pallasgreen, a remote village in County Limerick, shortly after the Second World War. The beauty and tranquility of the Mulcair Valley however is in sharp contrast to the violence which overhangs the story. The book traces the short career of a young unworldly Guard who thought that he had settled in a Garden of Eden. He wrote poetry, sang songs in the local pubs in a remarkable tenor voice, and was regarded as a considerable catch by the few local available young women. When an old land row resurfaces his life quickly changes. He and an irascible middle-aged colleague are the only two men in the barracks qualified to carry arms. They are sent to guard the property which is cause of the dispute. The result is tragic in the extreme. "A classic of Irish crime literature"--Irish Independent