Safe Houses? Ill Health and Electro-stress in the home

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There is now abundant evidence that bad energies can make you ill. Here is a book that will help you protect your home from harmful energies. This century has seen a dramatic advance in the incursion of electricity into our everyday lives - from the electric pylons to the latest gadgets in our kitchens. However, with increasing complexity of the electrical equipment - like radio, TV, microwave and radar transmission - have come growing health problems. New university-based research (as at Bristol University) shows that high voltage cables may indeed cause cancer for those who live close by. At the same time we are becoming more aware of our environment and rediscovering the energy lines which are part of the Earth's electro-magnetic grid. Modern developments have disrupted this grid, causing energy blocks and creating effects which can cause illness. The authors document how an energy line from a man-made source, like a microwave transmitter, crossing a natural energy line can create accident black spots. This authoritative book will help you: - Discover whether you are at risk from some electro-stress in your neighbourhood. - Assess any risk to your health from appliances such as microwave oven, a computer monitor, your wiring, etc. - Tell you how to measure any 'hot spots' in your home, and what action to take if you find any. - How to use dowsing rods to find the Earth energy lines in or near your home. - To understand whether you are suffering from geopathic stress and what you can do about it.