Sailing Lake Mareotis (Eamonn Wall)

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Navigating back and forth between cities and rural spaces, America and Ireland, the ancient and modern, the classroom and home, Eamonn Wall’s new collection presents a many-sided exploration of a fine and fractured world. A centerpiece of Sailing Lake Mareotis is “Actaeon’s Return,” a reworking of Ovid set in a nightmarish Ireland of the future. In a gathering of lyrics, sequences, satires, and flash-fictions, Eamonn Wall explores intricate ways in which contemporary attitudes and practices honour and defile what has been inherited from the past.

Praise for Wall’s previous collection
A Tour of Your Country:

Eamonn Wall has become one of the most prominent and exciting contemporary voices of the Irish-American experience. He has an intimate understanding of what it means to be neither here nor there, and his words pull us toward new places. A Tour of Your Country reminds us that we are all linked to foggy roads elsewhere, and it celebrates displacement with the exuberant joy of a homecoming. - An Sionnach

A hugely impressive collection. - RTE Guide

Wall’s unique achievement is to understand that landscape is culture. The book’s final poem, “Leaving Boise”, though ostensibly describing a road-trip away from the city, stitches personal experience into the wider history of Irish emigration. Not only the US but Ireland is full of wonders and pleasures for this generous writer. - The Irish Times