Seeing the bigger picture: Global Infographics

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Ever wondered whether more people own a car in England than in France, or which country gives the most to charity? Not a day goes by without such facts and figures being quoted in the media for us all to ponder or discuss at the pub. Seeing the Bigger Picture is jam-packed with fascinating statistics about countries the world over. Each chart displays information using illustrated visuals, rather than dry words and traditional graphs or pie charts, which represent the data as well as the context of the study. In this book, readers can discover a wealth of facts about each country across many topical subjects, including: Cancer survival; Childhood mortality; Church attendance; Cinema attendance; Carbon dioxide emissions; Coca-Cola consumption; Defence spending; Football attendances; Government debt; House prices; Hours of sunshine; Illegal drug consumption; Immigration; Lifespan; Literacy Murder rates; Number of children per family; Personal debt; Pet ownership; Population density; Rainfall; Smoking; Weight, and more. Informative, fun and easy to understand, all readers will enjoy seeing the bigger picture behind the world we live in.


Swapping dry words for colourful, illustrated visuals, it covers everything from hours of sunshine and which are the richest nations to online dating and plastic surgery ( Thomas Cook Travel)

From the Author

A full-colour, visual encyclopedia of maps, charts and diagrams that explains the world around us|Over 100 individually illustrated charts compare countries across a range of subjects; from the quirky (Which country has the most McDonald's restaurants?) to the more serious (Which country is most heavily in debt?)|Informative, surprising and fun it appeals to the same market as the Guinness World Records and the Top Ten of Everything

About the Author

Claire Cock-Starkey is a freelance writer and editor and the former series editor for Schott's Almanac.