Soldiering against subversion: The Irish Degence Forces and internal security during the trouble 1969-1998

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During a time of high tension, terror and fear, the Irish Defence Forces faced the very real threat of the Irish State being plunged into a savagely sectarian civil war. The southern state faced a breakdown of law and order, severely challenged by manhunts, prison breaks, shoot-outs, kidnappings, bank robberies, subversive training camps, bomb-making factories, illegal weapons shipments, and border operations. Soldiering Against Subversion is the dramatic and previously untold story of the Irish Defence Forces' critical role in defending the southern state against paramilitary forces during the worse years of the modern Troubles. Retired Lieutenant Colonel, Dan Harvey, describes the major operations via in-depth interviews with Irish Defence veterans, revealing how these brave men and women protected the state on home soil. From the kidnapping of Shergar and Quinsworth CEO Don Tidey, the manhunt and capture of INLA leader Dessie 'the Border Fox' O'Hare, the pandemonium as the Irish army quells a violet prison riot in Mountjoy in 1972, to the Irish navy's efforts to thwart gun-running off the coast of Kerry, these first-hand accounts reveal the true story of the fight for the nation's democracy.