Star Trek 30 Years: Radio Times Offical Collectors Edition

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An exclusive interview with Leonard Nimoy RADIO TIMES goes behind the scenes and tracks the making of a STAR TREK episode from script to screen The British role in the space industry A private chat with Majel Barrett zaps some of the myths surrounding the late great Gene Roddenberry 100 influential people in the STAR TREK universe - from directors and producers to actors and fans The real STAR TREK story: The show that almost didn’t make it! Nearly 400 comprehensive descriptions of STAR TREK, STAR TREK:THE NEXT GENERATION, STAR TREK:DEEP SPACE NINE AND STAR TREK:VOYAGER episodes, plus a special section on the STAR TREK movies. Stars of the galaxy - STAR TREK cast share special moments on and off the set. One fan’s private collection of STAR TREK memorabilia and hot tips on what to look for. Speaking Klingon: Linguist Marc Okrand explains the origins of the Klingon language. Plus a SPECIAL PULL-OUT BONUS: Our first ever map of STAR TREK space in the 24th century!