The Acid House (Irvine Welsh)

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Includes the following stories:

"The Shooter"
"Stoke Newington Blues"
"Vat '96"
"A Soft Touch"
"The Last Resort on the Adriatic"
"Sexual Disaster Quartet"
"A Blockage in the System"
"Wayne Foster"
"Where the Debris Meets the Sea"
"Granny's Old Junk"
"The House of John Deaf"
"Across the Hall"
"Lisa's Mum Meets the Queen Mum"
"The Two Philosophers"
"Disnae Matter"
"The Granton Star Cause"
"Snowman Building Parts for Rico the Squirrel"
"Sport for All"
"The Acid House"
A Smart Cunt: a novella