The Book of Dragons and other Mythical Beasts

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Dragons, unicorns, griffins, and sea monsters are only some of the many fantastic animals that continue to enthrall people, even though such creatures exist only in our imaginations. As such, they have animated human folklore for thousands of years, serving as metaphors for our fears, hopes, dreams, and struggles. Here is a modern collection of lore that reflects many different cultures as it focuses on a panoply of fantastic animals. From ancient Greece came the griffin, a combination eagle and lion who guarded a treasure of gold, and whose feathers gave sight to the blind. From Egypt came the mysterious Sphinx, half human and half lion, and from Persia came Karkadan, a large, ferocious, one-horned monster who could be captured and subdued only by a young maiden. Not all mythical beasts are fierce. Lung and other Chinese dragons are cheerful and benevolent, and Drakon was reputed to be a loyal guard of the Greeks' sacred springs and treasures. This profusely illustrated book tells stories of winged birds, scaled serpents, and legendary sea creatures. It also features a unique family tree of legendary bestial correspondences that traces dragon relationships from one culture's folklore to another. The more than 130 fantastic and vivid illustrations are all in color.