The Deadheads Taping Compendium Volume 1 1959-1974

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An exhaustive listing of the hundreds of performances by the rock group, The Grateful Dead, between 1966 and 1974 available on audio tape includes each tape's source, a review of each concert, and rare photographs. Simultaneous. 50,000 first printing.


A book "deadicated" to the live show tape trading subculture that grew up around the band The Grateful Dead. The bulk of the book is devoted to reviews by fans of every known tape of shows ranging from early pre-Dead appearances of various band members to the Oct. 20th, 1974 "retirement" show at the Winterland Arena in San Francisco. Each review in

From the Author

what is in the book
Personal statement from co-author/editor John Dwork (publisher of Dupree's Diamond News):

For the past two years my partner Michael and I, with the help of almost 100 fellow Deadheads, have busted our butts, putting in literally thousands of hours to bring you a book we feel confident will re-ignite and preserve the excitement and adventure of collecting Grateful Dead music on tape. Our goal was (and continues with the crafting of Volumes Two and Three) to provide a quantum shift in the evolution of this shared experience, to legitimize and document thsi experience in an academic sense, and to provide a good, fun, enlightening read.

Thank you...and enjoy the music!!

John Dwork

For those of you not yet familiar with The Deadhead's Taping Compendium Volume One herein lies a table of contents with explanations of what each chapter includes.