The Death List (Paul Johnston)

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Writer's block is nothing compared to thesinister assignment London-based novelistMatt Wells has just received. A chain ofseemingly innocent e-mails from a devotedfan turns deadly when Matt discovers thecorrespondent is a cold-blooded killer withan agenda for murder—and his family andfriends are among the scheduled victims.

Under close surveillance, Matt is plunged intoa plot more twisted than any he has used inhis novels. This is the real thing, and with eachkilling, the man known as the White Deviltightens his grip by incriminating Matt at themurder scenes. Cast not only as the ghostwriterof his persecutor's terrifying story, but as thevictim, Matt needs to risk everything to protecthis loved ones. But with the police closing inand his friends being picked off, he is runningout of time. The White Devil is out there—and he's watching.