The Harness Makers' Illustrated Manual

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Excerpt from The Harness Makers' Illustrated Manual: A Practical Guide Book for Manufactures and Makers of Harness, Pads, Gig Saddles, Etc;, Containing for Selecting, Cutting, and Repairing Leather; Tables of Lengths and Widths for Cutting Track, Single and Double Road, Coupe, Coach, Express, Team and Farm

This book originated from a desire to furnish harness makers with a condensed practical guide suited to the workshop, office, salesroom, and stable. It treats of leather as furnished to the harness maker by the currier, its texture, strength, adaptability for specific uses; how to cut, fit, and finish; measuring for harness; complete tables for lengths and widths for cutting the various classes in use, whether for the carriage, farm, or road; bridles, halters, horse-boots, mountings, bits, etc.

The illustrations represent standard styles and kinds of articles used by the trade, and guides for making up.

In the hints on repairing and caring for harness, a large amount of information is furnished the manufacturer and consumer, in a condensed form. The recipes for blacks, stains, varnishes, polishes, etc., have been tested and found reliable; the whole making a methodical manual indispensable to the progressive harness maker, and useful to every horse owner or other person interested in harness or saddlery.