The Intolerable Binding (Ruby O' Connor)

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With Minuet and Sullivan separated, their youthful devotion is tested. However, through a clever scheme their love grows into a deep passion that cannot be suffocated by absence. That passion meets its greatest challenge when Minuet is sent to Russia to attend a prestigious university and meets a curious oligarch with a plan of his own concerning her.Just as Lina finally reunites with her Sully, their future is threatened as they land at the center of a conspiracy involving piano playing, organized crime, and powerful men with nearly endless resource. Determined to build an empire rich enough to offer them everything they need and powerful enough to decimate anyone or anything that stands in their way, Lina forms a plan which will have irreversible consequences in days to come, but how will these obstacles change our star-crossed lovers?

Book #2 in the Minute Nero Series.