The Irish Guards in the Great War 2 volume set (Rudyard Kipling)

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2 hardback volume set 

The Irish Guards in the Great War - volume 1 - The first Battalion. The Entire Great War history of the 1st Battalion of the Irish Guards. Regimental histories are always fascinating for those who study the campaigns and battles in which regiments fought. This monumental work is a comprehensive unit account of a famous regiment during the First World War - and as such it will fascinate every military historian or genealogist. It is, of course, also much more. Written by Rudyard Kipling, whose son fought with the regiment, it benefits not only from being written by a great writer - which ensures that it suffers from none of the dryness usually associated with such tomes - but also, inevitably, is suffused with the humanity, humour and personality that is so familiar from his works of fiction. Mulvaney himself is just a step away within these pages - and that makes this history exceptional. Highly recommended!

The Irish Guards in the Great War - The 2nd Battalion of the Irish Guards - The entire First World War History. This, the second volume of Rudyard Kipling's history of the Irish Guards in the First World War, focuses attention on the activities of the Second Battalion and its total war service. This junior battalion first saw action in 1915 and it is in the first pages of the book that we read of the death of Kipling's son John. The battles of the Western Front are described in detail from the battalion's perspective and there is much within the narrative to remind us that this is the work of a master writer. This volume contains a comprehensive honour roll of the men of both 1st and 2nd Battalions and the Reserve Battalion of the Irish Guards who were killed in action or died of wounds or disease during the war; also included is a full list of those decorated - making this book an invaluable resource for genealogists.