The Lifeboats of Rosslare Harbour and Wexford (Nicholas Leach)

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The Wexford & Rosslare Harbour lifeboat stations are amongst the most famous of any in the United Kingdom and Ireland. They currently operate the most modern lifeboat fleet, undertake many rescues each year and are the latest in a long line of rescue craft to guard Wexford and Rosslare bays.

The first lifeboats were operated in the early nineteenth century and some outstanding feats of bravery, courage and skilful seamanship were accomplished using sail and oar-powered boats. The first motor lifeboats arrived in the 1920s and since the 1980s fast modern self-righting lifeboats have been based in Rosslare Harbour.

This unique book details the history of all these boats, from the small types through to the current operation of the modern 17 Severn class which can be seen at Rosslare Harbour ferry port. It includes many outstanding illustrations and photographs of all the lifeboats, recounts all the famous rescues and details generations of volunteer crews.