The Most Unpretending of Places: A History of Dundonald, County Down

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This book starts with Dondonald’s geological past and covers its prehistory, ancient history, medieval history, the plantation, the ‘98 rebellion, the partition of Ireland, the impact of the two WW and the start of the “troubles”. It mentions many sites of historic and prehistoric interest but unfortunately the maps it contains do not make identification of many of their locations possible. I was able to get round this issue by using the Northern Ireland Department of Communities Historic Environment Map Viewer.
The historical part starts by covering the arrival of John de Courcy and moves through the time of Conn O’Neill to the more recent major families including the Clellands of Stormont and the Gordons of Summerfield (now Knock Golf Club).
It also covers the work, food and accommodation of the less well off and mentions well known characters and families of the last couple of hundred years. The impact of the Dundonald churches, the church ministers and the rivalry between the Presbyterian Church and Church of Ireland is covered in some detail.