The Omnibus (PD James)

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An omnibus edition of three of PD James' best-loved and best-selling Adam Dalgliesh mysteries: A Taste for Death, Devices and Desires and Original Sin.

From the Back Cover

Three of the most celebrated Dalgliesh novels, from the queen of crime, P. D. James. 'Outstanding . . . These are books to escape into, delighting in the sense that you are in safe hands, no matter how unsafe the subject.' Observer A Taste for Death Two men lie in a welter of blood in the vestry of St Matthew's Church, Paddington, their throats brutally slashed. One is Sir Paul Berowne, baronet, the other a vagrant. Dalgliesh discovers that the Berowne family's veneer of prosperous gentility conceals ugly and dangerous secrets. 'A cunningly compulsive work . . . Heart-pounding suspense.' Sunday Times Devices and Desires When Dalgliesh visits Larksoken, a remote Norfolk community, to tie up his aunt's estate, he discovers that a serial killer known as the Whistler is terrorising the neighbourhood. But it quickly becomes apparent that there is more than one murderer at work . . . 'Her storytelling is as consummate and fiendish as ever.' Independent on Sunday Original Sin When Gerard Etienne's body is discovered bizarrely desecrated, there is no shortage of suspects. The changes Gerard implemented at Peverell Press have made him dangerous enemies - a discarded mistress, a humiliated author, and rebellious staff. Adam Dalgliesh is confronted with a puzzle of extraordinary complexity and a murderer who is prepared to strike again. 'Classic P. D. James: rich, delicious and satisfying.' Sunday Times