The Playboy Interviews

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Fact: A large number of Playboy's readers do buy the magazine for the articles-specifically the interviews. The Playboy Interviews is incisive and entertaining, and important figures from all walks of life-many of whom honor no other interview requests-have given life- and career-altering interviews in the magazine's pages. The Playboy Interviews: They Played the Game features some of the most revered-and reviled-American sports stars from the past six decades openly discussing controversial issues including race, gender, drugs, and sexuality. More than just a bunch of jocks talking sports, these interviews are a fascinating reflection of the American psyche and evolving cultural perceptions. Includes interviews with Jim Brown, Joe Namath, Billie Jean King, O. J. Simpson, Pete Rose, Michael Jordan, Allen Iverson, Barry Bonds, Mike Tyson and Dale Earnhardt Jr.