The Worlds of Existentialism

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Maurice Friedman's masterly anthology still stands apart decades after its original publication. It has become established as a classic - the most comprehensive collection of existentialist writing ever assembled. This edition includes a special preface by Professor Friedman surveying the developments in the field since this monumental work was first published and commenting on its relevance for present intellectual trends. The short selections from important existentialist writers and their forerunners elucidate the critical issues that exist among existentialists. The topics include phenomenology and ontology, the existential subject, intersubjectivity, religion, and psychotherapy.

About the Author

Maurice Friedman (1921-2012) was a 20th-century philosopher and the founder of the Institute for Dialogical Psychotherapy. Friedman held degrees from Harvard University, Ohio State, the University of Chicago, and the University of Vermont. He is the author of The Worlds of Existentialism: A Critical Reader, Problematic Rebel: An Image of Modern Man, and My Friendship with Martin Buber.