Titanic: Why she collided, why she sank and why she should never have sailed (Senan Molony)

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Senan Molony caused a worldwide media flurry in 2017 by revealing publicly there was an uncontrolled coal bunker fire aboard Titanic. Experts held the fire would have significantly weakened a forward bulkhead, the failure of which hastened the sinking. She might otherwise have lasted into daylight, with hordes being saved by a flotilla of arriving ships. Now Senan makes a series of further startling revelations. In Titanic: why she collided, why she sank, why she should never have sailed, he provides lost evidence for the true circumstances that led to the Titanic's collision and ultimate loss. Senan appeared on CNN, NBC, CBS and ABC, along with NPR (National Public Radio) in the US after his Channel 4 documentary Titanic: The New Evidence, which provides the platform for this book - and the springboard for many added insights.