Tosh: An Amazing True Story of Life, Death, Danger and Drama in the Garda Sub-Aqua Unit (Tosh Lavery)

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'An extraordinary book ... a remarkable story' Mark Cagney, TV3
'A fascinating book' Matt Cooper, Today FM
'Quite a read ... fascinating ... a book that people who don't normally read books would find very readable' Seán O'Rourke, RTE
'The classic maverick copper ... but always with his heart in the right place ... fascinating' Irish Independent
'Unflinching ... extraordinary ... fascinating' Irish Daily Mail
'There is no training course in the world that will set you up for dead bodies.'
During thirty years in the Garda Sub-Aqua Unit Tosh Lavery worked on many murders and most of Ireland's missing persons cases, as well as high profile investigations such as the Whiddy Island disaster and the Mountbatten assassination.
The unit was a perfect fit for a maverick like Tosh. He became obsessed with a job that demanded utter dedication and total fearlessness. But along the way, he battled alcoholism and his marriage ended.
Tosh's story is an uncompromising and revealing look at the macho world of the guards and what it's really like on the inside.


About the Author

Tosh Lavery is from Waterford. He joined the gardaí in 1972 and retired from the sub-aqua unit - its longest serving member - in 2004. He continues to work on missing persons cases. He is a father of two sons and lives in Dublin.