U2: An Irish Phenomenon

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U2 is a worldwide phenomenon, reaching around the globe with music that transcends language, culture and race. Having sold over 120 million records, played 1185 concerts in 31 countries, reached number one with nine studio albums and become multi-millionaires, this is the band that has given a voice to each generation since the 1970s. How did they conquer the world? With no change in the original line-up, they are unique in rock history and continue to confound the critics. What is the secret of their longevity? The members of U2 have not only given their music to the world: they have also shed light on world problems - hunger, poverty, human rights and AIDS. And the world is listening. Bono may be a rock star, but when it comes to the poor and helpless he is a man of action. This is the story of the U2 phenomenon. Visnja Cogan delves into the personal story of U2, beginning with the backgrounds of Bono, Adam, Larry and the Edge, the Lypton Village experiment, their days in the 1970s as The Hype and Feedback in Dublin, the arrival of Paul McGuinness. She looks at difficult moments in the band s evolution that could have led to a split but didn t. The driving ambition, and the business strategies which make U2 unique, are all subjected to scrutiny. Exclusive interviews with fans and a full colour section of previously unpublished fans photographs are included. What has been the influence of U2's political songs and social ideals? Why has there not been another U2, with similar success and longevity?