Understanding Dreams: 50 interpretations of common dream themes cards

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Dreams provide a powerful source of insight for learning. How we remember, interpret, and use them, can help us to solve problems and achieve goals in our lives. They are emotions, images, or thoughts that occur in our unconscious mind during sleep. The average person has between approximately 3 to 7 dreams per night, with up to two hours dreaming time. Approximately 95% of all dreams are forgotten once awakened. During a lifetime an average of approximately 6 years will be spent dreaming. This guide illustrates types or categories of dreams. It details symbols with their meaning and purpose, and provides techniques to help with dream interpretation. Dream interpretation is known to be subjective, for multiple experts may interpret the same dream in many different ways. This book highlights the 50 most common dreams that are considered universal dreams. These are dreams with a certain theme that is common across many different cultures.