Unearthly History Volume One: The Balance Between (PR Moredum)

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1910. Among the sand dunes of the Northumberland coast a young lad, James Kinghorn, discovers an ancient ceremonial archway that transports him to another world. He has stumbled upon the magical and arcane world of Eldaterra. Hidden by the deep magic of Creation, Eldaterra has desperate need of James. Something is amiss between the two worlds, threatening to tear the veil that protects the Old World from the New. With the help of some astonishing friends, James must save the world from the evil machinations of unseen enemies. 1895. The discovery of a dead woman in a derelict Norfolk mansion is the first of many seemingly unrelated events facing Chief Inspector Corrick. When a mysterious civil servant becomes involved, the investigation takes a whole new direction and a string of macabre deaths are somehow linked. But the evidence is misleading, and worse, it's impossible to believe. Somehow these events set fifteen years apart are connected and lead to the greatest threat that mankind has ever faced, a plot that will envelope both worlds in an unthinkable war...