Unsettled (Rosaleen McDonagh)

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Rosaleen McDonagh writes fearlessly about a diverse experience of being Irish. Unsettled explores racism, ableism, abuse, and resistance as well as the bonds of community, family, and friends. As an Irish Traveller writing from a feminist perspective, McDonagh’s essays are rich and complex, raw and honest, and, above all else, uncompromising. “Beautifully written, this book beats back the darkness. It brings us all further on” – Anne Enright About the author: Rosaleen McDonagh is a playwright and a member of Aosdána. Her most recent plays commissioned are Walls and Windows for the Abbey Theatre and Contentious Spaces for the Project Arts Centre. Rosaleen holds a BA, two MPhils from Trinity College Dublin and a PhD from Northumbria University. She is a board member of Pavee Point Traveller and Roma Centre and was appointed a Human Rights Commissioner in June 2020.